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At your service for specialized exams

At our Outpatient Clinic you can find specialized orthopedic traumatological personnel able to welcome both Italian and foreign clients, offering you 24 hour-customer service, both for bureaucratic and administrative practices, interacting directly with Italian and international insurance companies.

Fully equipped Outpatient Clinic – Exam Room

Our Exam Room will meet all the medical needs of our customers, from mild to major cases.
Our staff consists of:
Traumatology Nurse
Orthopedic Surgeons
General Practice Surgeons
Hand Surgeons
Pediatric Surgeons
Plastic Surgeons
Sports Medicine Doctors.



Ready to everything – Plaster room

Even in the worst cases of trauma, Trauma Clinic Livigno will be able to make you right again, thanks to the team of specialists and the latest generation equipment.

Cutting-edge equipment – X-Ray Room

Thanks to our orthopedic specialists and our state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment, discovering the cause of a trauma or pain will no longer be a wild card.